in Anzac Square, 2


One thought on “in Anzac Square, 2

  1. I made this photo a few months ago but only recently decided to post it as a second photo in a kind of diptych. Both this one and “in Anzac Square” are taken in the same public square but months apart. I generally don’t explain my photos much, leaving the viewer to interpret them how they want to. I thought that as a pair, these photos told a broader human experience story. Both photos feature two people who are lying together in a public park but for obviously different reasons. Does one photo invade the privacy of the subjects more that the other? Privacy in public is subjective and I did struggle with the second image in this regard. However, since the people involved are anonymous to my small audience, I felt that the second photo and it’s comparison with the first was something viewers interested in human stories might appreciate. I always try to exercise respect and discretion in the photos I publish but I do admit that is one is somewhat confronting. Perhaps that was what made me finally decide to post it. Thanks for your question – it made me think more about this aspect of my photography.

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